Cisco TelePresence Conductor 智能網真伺服器和多點控制器

利用智能網真伺服器和多點控制器 (MCU) 资源分配提供最佳的多點會議體驗




Conference resource management: TelePresence Conductor will dynamically select the most appropriate Cisco TelePresence resources for each new conference.

Simplified, automated provisioning: TelePresence Conductor allows thousands of on-premises CMRs to be easily created so that everyone can collaborate with video.

Resilience: TelePresence Conductors may be clustered together to provide resilience and promote maximum service availability. Taking a TelePresence Conductor unit out of service will not impact service availability.

Dynamic Meeting Scalability: TelePresence Conductor supports dynamic meeting scalability by enabling conferences to extend across multiple TelePresence Servers or TelePresence MCU video conferencing bridges.

Flexible, virtualized deployment options are available on Cisco Business Edition solutions or on optimized Cisco UCS platforms.

Table 1.       Capacity and Clustering Capability for Different Sized Deployments of Cisco TelePresence Conductor


Cisco TelePresence Conductor Essentials

Cisco TelePresence Conductor Select

Cisco TelePresence Conductor


Limited Capacity Virtual Application

Medium Capacity Virtual Application

Full Capacity Virtual Application or Dedicated Appliance

Suitable deployment


Small to medium-sized

Medium-sized to large

Total number of conference bridges supported

1 (standalone)



Maximum number of concurrent call sessions supported

The number of calls supported by the conference bridge



Clustering of TelePresence Conductors supported for resilience


Yes (limited to 2 medium capacity TelePresence Conductors)

Yes (up to 3 TelePresence Conductors)

Access to TAC support

No. (Support is provided through Cisco Support Community forums)



Release and option keys required to install

No release or option key required

Upgrade option key to support 50 concurrent call sessions required

Full capacity TelePresence Conductor release key required

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