Cisco Meeting Server(CMS) 雲端協作解決方案

Cisco Meeting Server(CMS)思科會議伺服器是業界相容性最多的視訊協作平台,支援傳統SIP/H.323視訊硬體終端、筆電或筆電(windows/MAC)、智慧行動裝置、Lync終端等加入會議。

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Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)特色:


  ●   支援具有SIP/H.323通訊協定的視訊會議終端(Avaya、Cisco、Polycom、LifeSize等)

  ●   整合個人智慧行動裝置應用)

  ●   可整合Microsoft Skype for Business(Lync 2011)

  ●   WebRTC技術(使用Chrome、FireFox等)免安裝即可參與會議

  ●   可透過 Email寄送邀請或直接撥IP,開啟視訊或語音

Table .       Specifications

Video standards

●  H.263 (+, ++)

●  H.264 AVC (Baseline and High Profile)

●  H.264 SVC

●  WebM, VP8

●  Microsoft RTV


●  SIP, H.323, TIP

Audio standards


●  Speex

●  Opus

●  G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1c, G.728, G.729a, G.711a/u


Up to 6000 kbps

Resolution and frame rate

Up to 1080p at 60 fps for main video and up to 1080p at 30fps for content


●  Server management

●  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-driven scripting language for configuration

●  Representational state transfer (REST) API for assets, monitoring, and diagnostics

●  Call detail record (CDR) streaming for auditing

●  Syslog for diagnostics

●  Multitenancy support

●  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

●  Backup and restore


●  IP media (video and audio) is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted (industry-standard Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol [SRTP])

●  All control data is authenticated and encrypted (industry-standard Transport Layer Security [TLS]/Secure Sockets Layer [SSL])

●  Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

●  IPv6 support

●  A security code/PIN option for Spaces

●  On-screen visual indication of audio-only participants and encryption status

●  Field industry-standard strong cryptography protection of communications

●  JITC certified (Acano release 1.8)

●  FIPS-140-2 (Acano release 1.8)

Cisco Meeting App device compatibility

Windows, OS X, iOS and WebRTC browsers

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